A-Team Productions Presents: The uvMix 'Audio Insurgency' featuring Aaron Perez, Alex Metric, Baginator, Busta Rhymes, But & Memo, Cam'ron, Common, DJ Kue, Elektronique, Freeway feat. Peedi Peedi, Ghostface, Gnarles Barkley, Gorillas In Drag, Hott 22, Ice Cube, Jadakiss, Jay-Z, Justice, Kanye West feat. Keisha Cole & Twista, Lady Sovereign, Laurent Pautrat, Little Scrappy feat. Young Buck, LP, Lupe Fiasco, Matt Samuels, Mobb Deep feat. 50 Cent, Nonion Breed, Papoose feat. Busta Rhymes, Peaches & Tone Loc, Purple Ribbon Allstars, Re-Up Gang, Richard Grey, SebastiAn, Shakedown, Slyde, The Rapture, The Young Punx
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About the uvMix The uvMix: Audio Insurgency - In two sentences.

Every week the Audio Insurgency comes at you with house, hip-hop, breaks, mash-ups, chill out ... who knows? We're f*#<ing crazy like that.

Tune in 10pm to 2am every Friday night: WXND 107.3 FM in the Upper Valley, WXGR 101.5 in the Portsmouth/Dover area, and via the WXGR stream.

The War Report

DJ Trolld Live Sunday @ UBRadio.net

DJ Trolld - Thursday Mar 19th, 2009

This Sunday marks my first Underground Bangko radio performance! I'm going to be bringing back the uvMix, Bangkok style.

The agenda is 2 hours of live mixed house. I'm going to be dropping some mad science on your face.

Tune in Sunday 11am EST / 10pm ICT @ http://ubradio.net/. There is even a chat so you can send me a msg while we're in the mix.

New Mix: House Kiss

DJ Trolld - Wednesday Jan 21st, 2009

Its been a while, but to make up for it I've got a JAM packed mix for you all!!

House Kiss features 17 tracks of house and house remix goodness!!

Featuring my own mix of Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" (see the mix notes for more info), Wild Thing, Eminem, Thriller and other exclusive cuts!

Live From Tokyo!

DJ Trolld - Saturday Oct 18th, 2008

Yo yo! I'm back online from here in Setagaya, Tokyo!

I just released the first new uvMix in 9 months and am resuming weekly shows/mixes from here in Nihon.

This week's mix has a hefty mix of deep/electro/progressive house as well as some breaks. A lot of stuff to get you guys caught up to.

Coming up next week though I'm working on a much more focused mix ... stay tuned and enjoy!

Hot New Mix Tonight & Four Mixes Ready for Download!

DJ Trolld - Friday Jul 6th, 2007

The uvMix has been continuing despite radio silence over the past few weeks, and I've just released 4 mixes for your downloading pleasure here: http://www.uvmix.com/members/

TONIGHT we've got an all new progressive mix that is quite the creeper, with the latest cuts from The Emissary, Poison Dward Rick Pier O'Neil Boom Jinx, Nikola Gala and more!

TUNE IN TONIGHT! 10pm - 2am, only on the stations bumpin' the good stuff WXND 107.3 and WXGR 101.5!

Viva la Mix!

Welcome DJ Sancho Swift, Welcome Back DJ Droid!

DJ Trolld - Saturday Apr 7th, 2007

Last night you guys got your first taste of DJ Sancho Swift's diverse selection. Fear not, there will be more!

Swift will be joining myself (DJ Trolld) in producting weekly shows. I assure you, his style will vary ... but his commitment to quality will not!

And a big shout out to DJ Droid who dropped the first of many new shows to come last night as well. Its great to have you back bro!

If you missed all of this, then you're an idiot and need to listen to WXND 107.3 FM (In the upper valley) or WXGR 101.5 FM (Portsmouth/Dover), specifically 10pm Friday nights till 2am. 'Cause that's when we're on. You should however already be tuned into these great stations anyway. What is wrong with you? Do you like commercial radio?! Didn't think so. Snap to it with a quickness.

But fear not, past shows are available for download & Podcast, just hit up the members section and enjoy! Last night's show will be up shortly as well!

TONIGHT: DJ TrollD live in Ao Nang, Thailand

LatestSorry for the late notice but I'm DJing tonight at this crazy outdoor party overlooking Ao Nang bay! If you're in the area definitely check this out! Free entry, some great tunes and a gorgeous setting, what more could you ask for?!

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DJ Trolld
Thursday 2/10

DJ Trolld / uvMix LIVE

LatestHey hey!! So it looks like the uvMix is going officially global!

This Sunday I'll be doing the first truly live uvMix @ Underground Bangkok's studio's right here in Thailand. Been working with the great guys over at UBRadio.net to make this happen, and I'm very happy to say: IT IS ON.

The agenda is 2 hours of live mixed house. I'm going to be dropping some mad science on your face.

Tune in Sunday 11am EST / 10pm ICT @ http://ubradio.net/. There is even a chat so you can send me a msg while we're in the mix.

DJ Trolld
Thursday 3/19

Bangkok, Feb Top 20, and New Mixes!

LatestGreetings from Bangkok, Thailand!

First off, the February's Top 20 Chart is up, almost in time for March!

Secondly, if you haven't already, check out my latest two mixes: 1,000 Year Orbital Decay - a deep progressive house mix with lots of slow mixes ... guaranteed to put you into deep orbit!

And do not miss my latest mix House Kiss, a fast paced progressive/disco-y house mix .. loaded with tons of remixes and mash-ups, 2 DJ Trolld exclusives as well!

DJ Trolld
Wednesday 2/25

November 2008 Chart!

LatestAhhh! It feels good to finally get a new monthly chart up for November! Featuring Justice (D.A.N.C.E. remix FTW), Elektronique (kickin' beats), Clinque (down and dirty bass), Nonion Breed (deep and dirty bass) and lots more of good stuff I've been bumping over the last few months.

It is also loaded with some filthy remixes by Matt Samuels (Enjoy the Silence remix), Richard Grey (Thriller & No Deputy remixes), Peaches & Tone Loc (Wild Thing remiex) as well.

All I have to say is: Good stuff, keep it up ;-D!

DJ Trolld
Tuesday 11/4

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