A-Team Productions Presents: The uvMix 'Audio Insurgency' featuring Aaron Perez, Alex Metric, Baginator, Busta Rhymes, But & Memo, Cam'ron, Common, DJ Kue, Elektronique, Freeway feat. Peedi Peedi, Ghostface, Gnarles Barkley, Gorillas In Drag, Hott 22, Ice Cube, Jadakiss, Jay-Z, Justice, Kanye West feat. Keisha Cole & Twista, Lady Sovereign, Laurent Pautrat, Little Scrappy feat. Young Buck, LP, Lupe Fiasco, Matt Samuels, Mobb Deep feat. 50 Cent, Nonion Breed, Papoose feat. Busta Rhymes, Peaches & Tone Loc, Purple Ribbon Allstars, Re-Up Gang, Richard Grey, SebastiAn, Shakedown, Slyde, The Rapture, The Young Punx
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DJ Trolld Presents: House Kiss

    This is less of a show and more of an album ... it includes 2 remixes of my own creation which were mostly responsible for the delay in getting this mix out.

    I completely obsessed about the Katy Perry vs. Nicki Bliss track :P

    For those of you not aware, Katy Perry released the song "I Kissed a Girl". But before her track went on sale, two other artists (one of them being 'Nicki Bliss') released basically the same track before Katy Perry could, I believe she got #8 on the iTunes store before the real track came out. Quite hilarious.

    Anyway, I liked Nicki's house version but thought the chorus lost a lot of the fun of the original track. So I brought it back and get them singing together at parts. Very interested comparing their voices too. Heh.

       - DJ Trolld / Producer

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